Is it worth??

It is our common experience that people as per we know sometimes speak worth zero.Come on! Hunman beings are meant to do something different & talking about non- worthy speaking look at the dogs they bark daily.
Life goes on & time flies away, have you ever noticed that while sleeping we even don’t remember that what we did whole day because it was not worth remembering by the brain. It is but obivious that our brain keeps the records of those things which are worth recording.
All day we speak nonsense, speak only one thing and end the show should be our attitude.
Yesterday while I was lying on bed I realized that what I did today had done nothing in my life but just deducted one valuable day of my life. What if I die tomorrow? Than at that time I would be blaming myself for wasting that day. But now while writing this I remembered that even I do all the stupid things like today during recess was talking about that film worth talking? & now I remember a dialogue from Shakespeare’s novel that ” I can easier teach twenty what were good to be done, than to be one of the twenty to follow mine own teaching.”

Don’t prove just act

Stand up! Be bold & take all the responsibilities on your shoulder said Vivekanand.But is it really so?No one in this world want responsibilities, what everyone want is success which is hard to get.I’ ll do this, I’ ll do that saying this is just not enough.Someday never comes what we have is today, make your someday today which you talked about.Thinking to achieve something par your capabilities is not wrong but what I think is deserve before you desire & desire before you achieve.What we are is the result of our past actions, so what we would be shall depend on what we do today & so if you desire today you shall definitely achieve it tomorrow. In our life being confident is more important than merely being perfectionist, because perfection means to do the best but what confidence means is how to handle the worst. Blaming the past which has already gone & worrying for the future which is yet to come wont work. If you really want to achieve something walk away from the crowd; crowd will merely provide you strength , moral support but never it will provide you your identity. Following the crowd is what loosers do because winners make the crowd follow them. Had that simple boy from Rameshwaram ever thought that he will be Kalam?.No! He first made himself capable. In this world don’t waste your time to show yourself superior because people are upset with most superior god too, & anyway you are here to live your life not to prove it to others!!

Be Unique

A unique person is one crosses the bridge between impossible to possible.Thousands of us see the stars, but few dared touching it, Millions saw apple fall but Newton asked why?.Real leaders need only one inspiration, one motivation to end up being champions.Loosers blame their destiny for their failure but destiny is not matter of chance it is Matter of choice.Self trust is pre-requsite for winning.Firm determination is the wake-up call for human soul.A fixed goal can help you channel your energy into action.Have power to translate your intention into action & sustain it.It is fake reason that I didn’t have opportunity to do this or that, because opportunity dance with those who are ready on the dance floor.Keep the doors open so that opportunity need not to knock.Real leaders has the courage to translate their dreams into action.Being able is not enough, ability makes you capable but courage takes you there.So, be courageous! Be unique!