Stand up! Be bold & take all the responsibilities on your shoulder said Vivekanand.But is it really so?No one in this world want responsibilities, what everyone want is success which is hard to get.I’ ll do this, I’ ll do that saying this is just not enough.Someday never comes what we have is today, make your someday today which you talked about.Thinking to achieve something par your capabilities is not wrong but what I think is deserve before you desire & desire before you achieve.What we are is the result of our past actions, so what we would be shall depend on what we do today & so if you desire today you shall definitely achieve it tomorrow. In our life being confident is more important than merely being perfectionist, because perfection means to do the best but what confidence means is how to handle the worst. Blaming the past which has already gone & worrying for the future which is yet to come wont work. If you really want to achieve something walk away from the crowd; crowd will merely provide you strength , moral support but never it will provide you your identity. Following the crowd is what loosers do because winners make the crowd follow them. Had that simple boy from Rameshwaram ever thought that he will be Kalam?.No! He first made himself capable. In this world don’t waste your time to show yourself superior because people are upset with most superior god too, & anyway you are here to live your life not to prove it to others!!