A unique person is one crosses the bridge between impossible to possible.Thousands of us see the stars, but few dared touching it, Millions saw apple fall but Newton asked why?.Real leaders need only one inspiration, one motivation to end up being champions.Loosers blame their destiny for their failure but destiny is not matter of chance it is Matter of choice.Self trust is pre-requsite for winning.Firm determination is the wake-up call for human soul.A fixed goal can help you channel your energy into action.Have power to translate your intention into action & sustain it.It is fake reason that I didn’t have opportunity to do this or that, because opportunity dance with those who are ready on the dance floor.Keep the doors open so that opportunity need not to knock.Real leaders has the courage to translate their dreams into action.Being able is not enough, ability makes you capable but courage takes you there.So, be courageous! Be unique!